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DM_CORRFCONHistoric England 06/12/201910521731
DM_CMTHIGHLCC Highways05/11/201910483052
DM_LAYPLANA641.201D - Revised Master Plan Layout 09/09/201910455233
DM_TRANASSHighways Report 09/09/201910455244
DM_CMTHIGHLCC Highways comments04/06/201910269945
DM_CMTPARBeeby Parish Meeting - Mr C Perks request to speak31/05/201910266336
DM_CMTPARBeeby Parish meeting29/05/201910259727
DM_CMTEAEA comments21/05/201910246638
DM_CMTNEIGHGeoffrey & Jane Bone21/05/201910246509
DM_CMTNEIGH1 Church Cottage, Main Street20/05/2019102456510
DM_CMTNEIGHMeadow Cottage, Barkby Road20/05/2019102451411
DM_CMTCLLRCouncillor call-in to Plans Committee17/05/2019102434712
DM_CMTNEIGH2 Church Cottages16/05/2019102424913
DM_CORRFCONLCC Lead Local Flood Authority16/05/2019102422214
DM_CMTNEIGHBeeby Manor15/05/2019102408015
DM_CMTEHEnvironmental Health Comments03/05/2019102310117
DM_SITENOTCSite Notice01/05/2019102276918
DM_FILEDOC$1318556: Label29/04/2019102250819
DM_SUPPINFOBS5837 - Home Farm - Arbtech AIA 01 - 15-02-19-A1 09/04/2019102065020
DM_SUPPINFOBS5837 - Home Farm - Arbtech TSR 01 - 13-02-19 - T09/04/2019102065321
DM_SUPPINFOIV.58.19 PH I & II Report(1)09/04/2019102065122
DM_DASTATHome Farm, Beeby - Planning Statement - including 05/02/2019101213623
DM_INVLTR$1301544: Inv1 Info only23/01/2019101086724
DM_APLFORMApplication form28/12/2018100946325