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DM_CORRFAPPEmail from applicant attaching additional Certific06/10/202012133791
DM_SITENOTCSite Notice21/08/202011425392
DM_PHOTOSPatio Door Sill - North Elev Ground Floor30/07/202011168185
DM_PHOTOSPatio Doors - North Elev Ground Floor30/07/202011168176
DM_PHOTOSSliding Window - South Elev First Floor30/07/202011168237
DM_PHOTOSSliding Window-Internal - South Elev First Floor30/07/202011168228
DM_PHOTOSWindow - East Elev First Floor30/07/202011168269
DM_PHOTOSWindow - North Elev Ground Floor30/07/2020111681510
DM_PHOTOSWindow - North Elevation First Floor30/07/2020111681311
DM_PHOTOSWindow - Roof Light - West Elevation30/07/2020111682712
DM_PHOTOSWindow close-up North Elev Ground Floor30/07/2020111681613
DM_PHOTOSWindow-internal - East Elev First Floor30/07/2020111682514
DM_PHOTOSWindow-internal - North Elev First Floor30/07/2020111681415
DM_PHOTOSYorkshire Sliding Window Pic.1 - South Elev Ground30/07/2020111681916
DM_PHOTOSYorkshire Sliding Window Pic.2 - South Elev Ground30/07/2020111682117
DM_PHOTOSYorkshire Sliding Window Pic.3 - South Elev Ground30/07/2020111682018
DM_ELEPLANAEast (Side) & North (Rear) Elevations27/07/2020111179119
DM_ELEPLANAGarden outbuildings - South & East Elevations27/07/2020111179020
DM_APPFORMOwnership Certificate B27/07/2020110838921
DM_LOCPLANASite Loc Plan27/07/2020110839122
DM_ELEPLANASouth (Front) & West (Side) Elevations27/07/2020110950523
DM_ELEPLANAWest Elevation - fencing & seating area 1:100@A427/07/2020110839324
DM_PHOTOSWindows - South & East Elevations27/07/2020111178325