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DM_SUPPINFOApplicant response relating to sports provision co29/05/201910258961
DM_SUPPINFOApplicant response relating to sports provision co29/05/201910258972
DM_APPPLANAConsultation Response from Sport England 21-5-1929/05/201910259093
DM_APPPLANLandscape Infrastructure plan (0638.011.P) referre29/05/201910280104
DM_CORRFCONRevised Highways England comments29/05/201910259165
DM_APPPLANARevised plan - BMP-FEA-S1-XX-DE-A-3700_Elevations29/05/201910259126
DM_APPPLANARevised plans - BMP-FEA-S1-ZZ-DP-A-2200_Floor Plan29/05/201910259107
DM_APPPLANAHighways Plans - ADC1684-DR-001 P1 - Proposed Roth10/05/201910236598
DM_APPPLANAHighways Plans - ADC1684-DR-002 P1 - Proposed A46 10/05/201910236609
DM_APPPLANAHighways Plans - ADC1684-DR-101 P5 - Section 38 Wo10/05/2019102366210
DM_APPPLANAHighways Plans - ADC1684-DR-102 P4 - Section 38 Wo10/05/2019102366111
DM_APPPLANAHighways Plans - ADC1684-DR-103 P5 - Section 38 Wo10/05/2019102366512
DM_APPPLANAHighways Plans - ADC1684-DR-104 P4 - Section 38 Wo10/05/2019102366413
DM_APPPLANAHighways Plans - ADC1684-DR-105 P5 - Section 38 Wo10/05/2019102366314
DM_APPPLANAHighways Plans - ADC1684-DR-106 P5 - Section 38 Wo10/05/2019102366715
DM_APPPLANAHighways Plans - ADC1684-DR-121 P4 - Section 38 Wo10/05/2019102367216
DM_APPPLANAHighways Plans - ADC1684-DR-122 P3 - Section 38 Wo10/05/2019102366617
DM_APPPLANAHighways Plans - ADC1684-DR-123 P3 - Section 38 Wo10/05/2019102366818
DM_APPPLANAHighways Plans - ADC1684-DR-150 P5 - Section 38 Wo10/05/2019102367019
DM_APPPLANAHighways Plans - ADC1684-SK001-P3 Offsite Roads Co10/05/2019102366920
DM_APPPLANAHighways Plans - LWL-600-002-D2810/05/2019102367121
DM_CORRFCONConsultee Comments - CPRE29/04/2019102295222
DM_CMTPARWanlip Parish Meeting comments12/04/2019102106023
DM_CORRFCONConsultee Comments - CBC Neighbourhoods & Communty11/04/2019102091224
DM_CMTNEIGHA Thenser02/04/2019102457225