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DM_CMTPARParish Council Comments21/11/201910503291
DM_CORRLPA reply to neighbour comments - Dean Rogers of B13/11/201910495512
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - Dean Rogers, Belvoir Way13/11/201910495363
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - Mr P J Hall04/11/201910481534
DM_CMTCLLRCouncillor Comments - Cllr Radford request to spea01/11/201910480015
DM_CMTCLLRCouncillor Comments - Regarding Call In to Plans C01/11/201910479686
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - 12 Rockingham Close08/09/201910419687
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - 12 Rockingham Close08/09/201910419698
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - 2 Belvoir Way03/09/201910415939
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - 4 Belvoir Way02/09/2019104142710
DM_CMTCLLRCouncillor Radford's Comments - Call In to Plans C29/08/2019104108911
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - 6 Belvoir Way27/08/2019104118612
DM_CMTPARParish Council Comments22/08/2019104064413
DM_SITENOTCSite Notice20/08/2019104048414
DM_APPFORMApplication Form NPD01/08/2019103844715
DM_SUPPINFOSecurity camera specification01/08/2019103844816
DM_INVLTR$1334050: Inv2 Info and Fee24/07/2019103658617
DM_ELEPLANdwg no 001. Exisitn front and left elevations19/07/2019103650719
DM_ELEPLANdwg no 00219/07/2019103650620
DM_ROOFPLNdwg no 003 Existing roof plan19/07/2019103650521
DM_ROOFPLNdwg no 006 Proposed roof plan19/07/2019103650822
DM_ELEPLANdwg no. 004 - Proposed front and left elevations19/07/2019103651023
DM_ELEPLANdwg no. 005 - Proposed rear and right elevations19/07/2019103650924
DM_LOCPLANinc. block plan19/07/2019103650425