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DM_CMTCLLRCounty Councillor Max Hunt's Comments17/09/202011779691
DM_EOTCONFExtension of Time to 31st October 202024/08/202011411772
DM_CMTCLLRMax Hunt County Councillor for Loughborough NW Com24/08/202011425503
DM_SITENOTCSite Notice 27th April 202011/08/202011277784
DM_EOTCONFExtension of Time to 31st August 202014/07/202010983735
DM_CORRFCONConsultee Comments - East Midlands Airport03/06/202010842276
DM_EOTCONFExtension of Time to 17th July 202001/06/202010797217
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - Phil Smith21/05/202010766148
DM_CORRFCONConsultee Comments - LCC Lead Local Flood Authorit20/05/202010765969
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour comment - 5 Whitby Close20/05/2020107633410
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - 10 Byland Way20/05/2020107659511
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - 34 Ringwood Road20/05/2020107657212
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - Adam Wade20/05/2020107659713
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - Carol MacLeod20/05/2020107659314
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - Cerys Hughes20/05/2020107660115
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - Duncan MacLeod20/05/2020107656016
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - India Shaw20/05/2020107659217
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - Lucie Cripps20/05/2020107659818
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour comment - Rachel Broadbent19/05/2020107620719
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - 74 Braddon Road19/05/2020107648620
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour comments - Andy Birkett19/05/2020107619421
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - Jay Bhojani19/05/2020107648722
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour comments - Mill Farm, Hathern Road19/05/2020107617223
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - S Walker, Maxwell Drive19/05/2020107647224
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour comments -12 Francis Drive19/05/2020107618125