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DM_CMTEHCBC Environmental Health comments06/08/202011204241
DM_ADDINFOAir Quality assessment and convering email04/08/202011194402
DM_ADDINFOAir Quality assessment and convering email31/07/202011194413
DM_CMTHIGHLCC Highways22/07/202011059634
DM_CMTEHCBC Environmental Health01/07/202010931895
DM_APPPLANARevised site layout plan as requested by LCC30/06/202010930406
DM_APPPLANARevised site layout plan as requested by LCC30/06/202010930417
DM_CMTNEIGH40 Albert Street29/06/202010919868
DM_CMTCLLRCouncillor call-in29/06/202010920459
DM_CMTNEIGH37 Moorland Road24/06/2020109079010
DM_CMTHIGHLCC Highways23/06/2020109050011
DM_CMTNEIGH23 Albert Street19/06/2020108902612
DM_CMTNEIGH3 Langham Close18/06/2020108784513
DM_CMTNEIGH3 Langham Close18/06/2020108784814
DM_CMTNEIGH16 Albert Street, Syston16/06/2020108785115
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour Comments - 32 Albert Street16/06/2020108616116
DM_CMTNEIGH1533 Melton Road12/06/2020108432918
DM_CMTCLLRCouncillor call-in - reasons for call-in.12/06/2020108435519
DM_CMTCLLRCouncillor call-in (see reasons in separate docume12/06/2020108435620
DM_CMTNEIGH20 Farriers Way08/06/2020108265721
DM_CMTNEIGH20 Farriers Way08/06/2020108265822
DM_CMTNEIGH24 Wellington street08/06/2020108238723
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour comment08/06/2020108241824
DM_CMTNEIGHNeighbour comment08/06/2020108242125