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DM_OFFRPTofficer report01/04/202010666811
DM_DCNNOT$1367999: FULL Grant Conditionally31/03/202010666012
DM_CMTNEIGHBumblebee Cottage, 6 Dobney Avenue17/02/202010599883
DM_CMTHIGHLCC Highways Comments14/02/202010597694
DM_FILEDOC$1360027: Label06/02/202010585085
DM_FILEDOC$1360049: Label06/02/202010585236
DM_FILEDOC$1360073: Label06/02/202010585267
DM_ELEPLANADwg 9200/05 - Elevation Plan04/02/202010583948
DM_LOCPLANASite Location Plan20/01/202010560559
DM_CORRFAPPWithdraw application P/20/0015/2 and proceed with 20/01/2020105605210
DM_ROOFPLN9200-02 Existing ground floor plan and existing an07/01/2020105605611
DM_APPFORMApplication Form - NPD07/01/2020105606812
DM_INVLTR$1352944: Inv1 Info only09/12/2019105230313
DM_ELEPLAN2dobneyavenue-20 planning-Elevations 0405/12/2019105209314
DM_ELEPLAN2dobneyavenue-20 planning-Elevations 0505/12/2019105209115
DM_ELEPLAN2dobneyavenue-20 planning-Garage Elevs 07(1)05/12/2019105208816
DM_APPPLAN2dobneyavenue-20 planning-Garage plan 06(1)05/12/2019105208917
DM_LOCPLAN2dobneyavenue-20 planning-Location Site and Block 05/12/2019105208318
DM_FLRPLAN2dobneyavenue-20 planning-Proposed Ground Floor Pl05/12/2019105208219
DM_APPFORMApp Form NPD05/12/2019105208420